Message by Dr. Ahmed Din. President PSFST Faisalabad Chapter. Member executive counsil PSFST

Our vision, Pakistan, a land where food professionals play key role for betterment of the masses by ensuring safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for all.

Our Mission, To support food science and technology, its application and innovations by promoting professionalism, skills and competencies, as well as creating conducive environment, whereby food scientists & technologists play central role in ensuring safe, nutritious, cost-effective food supply; uplifting the food-sector; and foster economic prosperity of the country.

Our strategic areas would be, Human resource development to make the product of academia compatible to the needs of the market.

Collaboration and Cooperation among all stockholders for the well being of profession and professionals. Communication & Advocacy to increase the visibility of organization which will ultimately impact the growth and expansion of Pakistan Society of Food Scientists and Technologists. Establishment and Lead in different counsels at national level to influence the decision making for the betterment of food sector.

Bringing the capacity of organization and food professionals to the point that Food Professionals will lead the sector while using their technical expertise with secure job structure in public and private sector. PSFST will also focus on Creating start-ups and entrepreneurship opportunities for food professionals as it can play a major role in creation of career opportunities and the economic well being at national level.

Launch of PSFST magazine and website are the priority tasks to be achieved in near future. Revamping of journal at modern level incorporating digitalization and online management system is also in pipeline. And it will be finalized soon. Social media platforms will be used for increasing the visibility and reach of the organization.
Expansion of organization is only possible by the inclusion of maximum number of people in the organizational network. It can be possible only by the launch of chapters at divisional level and increasing the membership through regressive membership derive. In this way we will be able to incorporate large number of people affiliated with profession in the system which will ultimately be beneficial to all stakeholders

Conducting elections for next cabinet is also the much needed and upcoming event in the political landscape of Pakistan Society of Food scientists and Technologists. In the latest meeting of executive counsel many matters have been finalized. Keeping in view the decisions by EC the election will be conducted as soon as possible right after the tenure of the previous cabinet. Each member will be allowed to participate in elections as voter and candidate at any position. We are also planning to conduct the election online, integrating it with the website and making it easy to just one click.

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