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Support food science and technology, its application and innovations by promoting professionalism, skills and competencies, as well as creating a conducive environment, whereby food scientists & technologists play a central role in ensuring safe, nutritious, cost-effective food supply; uplifting the food-sector; and foster economic prosperity of the country


Pakistan, a land where food professionals play a key role for the betterment of the masses by ensuring safe, nutritious, and sustainable food supply for all


1. To promote the cause of food science and technology
2. To work for improving the professional competence of food scientists and technologists through training and skills development at all levels
3. To provide communication media through scientific, technical and professional publications and meetings
4. To provide a forum for discussion and creating meaningful links b/w academia, private and public sectors through organizing different conferences, seminars, workshops, and symposia on the latest developments in food science and technology
5. To work for developing a conducive environment, whereby food professionals lead the food sector along with creating new jobs / professional opportunities